Academic GOAL: A learning tool unlike any other!

Academic GOAL: A Free, Online Actuarial Science Lecture and Classroom Tool for Professors

An Actuarial Science Online Classroom Tool Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen! Academic GOAL provides professors with a license to a free actuarial science preliminary exam database of over 10,000 questions with detailed solutions. It is easy to use, and allows professors to control 100% of the content taught to their students. If it seems too good to be true, let us make a believer out of you.

The Many Benefits of Academic GOAL

  • A free, online actuarial science lecture and classroom tool for professors
  • 10,000+ original and SOA/CAS preliminary exam questions from which to choose
  • Teach exactly as you wish, with 100% control over your copy of our database
    • Full editing capabilities to customize every part of the question
    • All problems include detailed solutions. Many also include alternate solutions, test tips, calculator tips, or topic video instruction.
    • Quickly build the structure of your course assignments, populating them with existing questions from our database
    • Easily add your own questions, solutions, tips & more, or we can upload them for you
    • 5 assignment types including Multiple choice, Written answer responses, and Randomized from a pool of questions
    • Classroom/online lecture features, promoting student engagement and “flipped classroom” learning methods
    • Select the level of difficulty (or range) for each question or assignment
  • Automated grading of multiple-choice questions with 100% control over when, or if, grades and solutions are released to students
  • Simple enrollment – students are automatically added to your class roster with one shared access code per class
  • Analyze student performance in multiple ways – by student and/or assignment
  • TA access

Let ACTEX Jumpstart Your Prep with Pre-Populated Assignments

We want to make your course prep as easy for you as possible by doing most of the work ourselves. Using relevant problems from our database, we have built ready-made assignments for you to accompany popular syllabus titles.

  • You choose when and how to display them
  • Use as-is, or edit and add to them
  • See our Ready-to-Use options for Academic GOAL

Additional Benefits for Your Students

  • Independent study access to all GOAL questions not selected for use in your classroom (typically 800+ remaining questions, organized by SOA/CAS learning objective)
  • Topic-by-topic instructional video library (paid option for some exams)
  • Access to Formula and Review Sheet
  • Integration of Academic GOAL with other study materials students own, like the ACTEX or ASM study manual, the video library, etc.
  • Access to hub of definitions in Actuarial University for quick reference
  • Access to student forums in Actuarial University

Learn more about Academic GOAL

GOAL Practice Questions, Quizzes and Simulated Exams

GOAL is a way for students to practice what they've learned in class or from independent study using textbooks and study manuals. The online platform offers a database of exam-style problems with detailed solutions, 3 learning modes (Practice, Quiz, Simulated Exams) and 3 levels of difficulty (Core, Advanced and Mastery). Many questions also include Alternate solutions, Calculator solutions, Topic video instruction, and Instructor-led audio solutions for the most difficult problems. You control your learning mode, difficulty level and topics.

Exam P (1,300+ questions) Exam FM (1,500+ questions) Exam IFM (1,000+ questions)
Exam LTAM (1,600+ questions) Exam STAM (1,000+ questions) Exam SRM (800+ questions)
Exam MAS-I (1,000+ questions) Exam MAS-II (550+ questions)  

GOAL is included free with an authorized purchase* of a corresponding ACTEX or ASM study manual as part of StudyPlus+.

Access GOAL through StudyPlus+ on

*Authorized retailers include The Actuarial Bookstore, ACTEX Learning, or university bookstores.

GOAL Score
GOAL Score is a measurement of how prepared you are to pass your exam that suits any study approach. A score of 70 or above indicates readiness. Your score is broken into categories, allowing you to study efficiently by concentrating on problem areas. GOAL Score quantifies your exam readiness by measuring both your performance and the consistency of your performance. Your GOAL Score also analyzes your strengths and weaknesses by category, topic, and level of difficulty.

GOAL Score Screen Preview   GOAL Score Details Screen Preview

GOAL Question of the Day
The GOAL Question of the Day is a daily test of your actuarial proficiency. Drawing from our extensive database of sample exam problems, the QoD is updated daily with one problem each for exam P/1, FM/2, IFM/3F, LTAM, STAM, SRM, MAS-I, and MAS-II. Want to revisit yesterday's problem? Up to four of the most recent previously viewed questions are available at a time.

GOAL Score Screen Preview   GOAL Score Details Screen Preview

StudyPlus+ FAQ

  • Access your StudyPlus+ bonus content by visiting and entering your unique key code.
  • StudyPlus+ is included with ACTEX and ASM preliminary exam study manuals.
  • StudyPlus+ content varies slightly by exam, but most include a formula sheet, virtual flashcards, Excel skills webinars, free career ebooks, and samples of any relevant supplementary ACTEX texts for your exam.
  • Customers have digital access to these materials for 12 months from the date of key code activation.
  • Each key code can only be activated one time. If a student resells their manual and the key code has already been activated, the second buyer will not have access to StudyPlus+.
  • For support, customers can contact their retailer, such as The Actuarial Bookstore or ACTEX | Mad River Books. If customers purchased the manual at a third-party retailer like a university bookstore, they can place a support request online at

Still have questions? Please contact us for support.